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good evening. i'm ama daetz. a mexican-american music star is believed to be dead. jenni rivera was last seen on a plane over northern mexico. authorities believe they found the wreckage. there are no survivors on board. she was from long beach.
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she sold 16 million albums was nominated for three grammy awards. she was 43 years old. we'll look how she touched the lives of fans especially in the latino and gay communities. >> rescue crews are on the lookout for a man who may have fallen into the mare island strait. s. he was last seen in valtz last night. his family says he never came home. his dad's car is still at berth. >> a 14-year-old boy is expected to survive at san jose christmas in the park celebration. it happened last night. police are looking for three people they do believe it is gang-related. it's highly unusual for violent crimes to happen at christmas in the park which attracts nearly half a million visitors each year. north oakland neighborhood may get a new image with a new name. real estate agents are selling
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the area as north oakland berkeley emeryville. not everyone welcomes the change. >> scott and laura moved into this area of north oakland with some realtors referred to refer to as noby. >> there is regional shopping around and lots of people walking. >> she loves north oakland. she has lived at this memo for 30 years. >> this is a longstanding north oakland community that is being swallowed up by real estate agents. >> she does not like the idea that real estate agents are selling her neighborhood as boby. she says its plan to sanitize an area of oakland to boost home prices. >> it feels like we are in a pawn of real estate prices and people wanting to think of
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oakland. >> five shootings on oakland does nothing for oakland as a destination. real estate brokers say the name change reflects the revitalization of the city. new restaurants and old sturdy homes are attracting new families. he likes the name noby. he is selling this home in emeryville for $849,000. its block away from the oakland border. >> didn't think of it as a name change. its creation of a district or giving it an identity. >> the area has been known as golden gate district. a partner o at cupcake shop. >> i don't think it needs to change. i think the neighborhood will be grow and the name can stay. >> they plan to fight the name change and there is no telling whether or not whether noby will
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catch on like soma did for south of district neighborhood. >> california man who killed several family members is dead tonight. police say three people were killed the shooter's mother and two uncles. investigators don't know what led to the shooting. they tracked him down using a cellphone signal. they exchanged fire. his two young daughters they found in his vehicle that had been shot. his son was also injured. >> the president and house speaker met to discuss the so-called fiscal cliff. they have until january 1st to extend the bush-era tax cuts. americans will see massive cuts to social spending. they didn't comment on the meeting today but other republicans are considering a raise in taxes for the wealthiest americans if it will help get a deal done. >> we have spun ourselves into a
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hole and we're not going to borrow money and get out of it. will i accept a tax increase as a part of a deal to actually solve our problems? yes. >> here is what cuts could come if a deal isn't made in time. military budget would be cut by $500 billion over ten years. schools could be cut. some ideas to avoid the cliff is eliminating the tax deduction for charitable contributions and not allowing homeowners to write off mortgaged payments. >> gas prices are dropping. national average for a gallon is 3.34. in california it's 3.63. in the bay area the average is 3.71 a gallon. >> snow has blanketed the midwest. it's made for severe driving conditions.
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>> difficult driving conditions and blinding snow. winter travel advisories. 89-15 inches of snow cover and more than 300 car crashes reported statewide. all of that did not keep these vikings fans away from game day. chicago fans braved the harsh winter weather and made the n.f.l. road trip to minnesota. >> we know how to take this. >> the problem now, how to get back home. not so in wisconsin where up to ten inches of snow is expected in some areas and snowplows are battling to keep streets clear. >> we have salt down and salt brine and turn on the salt spreaders. >> keeping the snow at bay and staying warm will be a challenge across the midwest like here neer north dakota. look at these videos showing the storm front moving over the hawkeye state. in oklahoma this family is getting ready for the winter buying coats to keep warm. bradley shaw and his family
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stopped at a hardware store to pick up a blanket for their dog. brad likes the cold weather. >> i really do. >> new details tonight in a daring rescue in afghanistan. how constitutional forces pulled a doctor free after he was abducted by armed militants. also a new study smoking a cigarette while drinking can intention my a hangover. >> a record day for 49ers and reaction from today's game coming up in sports. >> an honor and record setting temperatures. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll let you know if
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>> ama: scientists have created a pace make for the brain. the device deeply sometime late the brain to keep neurons active. procedure can slow memory loss and dementia. researchers begin the process on their first patient. they hope to try it out on 40 patients over the next year. need for an alzheimer's treatment is growing. they believe the number of alzheimer's patients could triple by 2015. >> a new study show smoking may worsen a hangover. habits of college students over eight weeks. when a student smoked and drank, their hangover felt worse. one say it could be because alcohol and cigarettes and combined can be twice as disruptive. some say it gives a strong dose of dope mean to the body. >> fans going to the 49ers game
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got a chance to give a better christmas to san francisco kids. operation dream called out for donated toys. fans brought in 20,000 toys. organizers hope to top that this year. even a small gift can make a difference. >> they need to know that people care about them. it's so much bigger than where they live. there is whole world out there they can experience. >> ama: gifts will be distributed throughout the city. >> one american is safe and another is dead after a daring rescue in afghanistan. coming up we'll tell you what we know about the mission to save a doctor's life. and a chilly night in the bay area, meteorologist sandhya patel will tell us if rain is in the forecast. >> i'm mike shumann. 49ers beat the dolphins with help of defense and special teams and frank gore.
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>> tomorrow a number of special forces were killed in afghanistan while rescuing a doctor from afghanistan today. here are details of the dangerous rescue. >> it happened under the cover of darkness. jointed american and afghan special forces rescued this man, philip joseph an american doctor working for a colorado based charity. >> this is is a team that has lots of training on hostage rescues but until you get there and do it you never know what you are going to find. >> on wednesday joseph and two
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colleagues were returning from a remote province when they were kidnapped along a highway. they were taken to a mountainous region. afghan captives were released but joseph wasn't spanning three days in captivity. when it showed his life was in imminent danger the military made its move. >> hostage rescue mission is very dangerous and carries a high risk of hostage could be injured or killed. you need somebody very high level to say, i'm authorizing this mission. >> knowing the risks, that authorization came personally from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john allen. special forces landed by helicopter setting off a firefight leaving several taliban fighters dead. joseph was airlifted to bagram air base but it came as a price. a service member died of his wounds. the ultimate sacrifice to save
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the life of an american doctor who otherwise may have been killed. >> ama: military officials say doctor joseph appears to be in good condition. sandhya patel is in for leigh glaser. >> it didn't feel like december, did it? 5-12 degrees warmer than this time of the year. we had two record temperatures to tell you about. live picture from high definition sutro camera. we have clear skies outside and visibility is looking great. check out the temperatures for today. it was warm enough to tie a record in kentfield, oakland airport 66 degree downtown oakland got up to 70 degrees. 71 in napa. 71 in santa rosa. san francisco, 66 degrees. it was 67 on the coast at half month moon bay. antioch, 62 degrees. lots of sunshine, some high
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clouds from time to time but a beautiful day. let's check out live doppler 7-hd. i'll show you what it looks like. radar on mounted st. helena, it's clear sky mode. we will be seeing green showing up on the screen as we head into tuesday night and wednesday and possibly other colors as the rain begins to develop. temperatures right now, falling under clear skies. down to 45 in napa, 43 in concord. clear and cold in the valleys tonight. sunny and mild for your monday, rain returns late tuesday so tomorrow morning be sure you have a jacket. 47 in vallejo. dropping down to 40 degrees in livermore. you'll see low 40s, fremont, py and santa cruz, san jose 45 degrees. upside to the chilly morning, it will be a beautiful day in the afternoon.
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high pressure will provide us a sunny above average day in terms of your temperatures for your monday. before we start to see the temperatures on tuesday, by tuesday night, rain develops 11:00 p.m. north of santa rosa as the night goes on we're going to start to see the rainfall across the heart of the bay area at 3:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. rush hour, it does not look good for wednesday morning. scattered showers behind the system. by 7:00 a.m. in the north bay getting a break. it real continues through night. rainfall totals at this point look like generally a quarter to a half an inch at most. highs for the monday, 65 in campbell. santa clara and san jose. 66 degrees a mild day on the peninsula. 64 redwood city. half moon bay on the coast. daly city san francisco all 63 degrees. it's going blue skies, mild weather with an offshore flow. downsloping wind pushing temperatures up to 70 degrees in santa rosa, novato and san
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rafael. east bay, 65. head inland, 66 in danville. 65 degrees in livermore. monterey bay, 66 in santa cruz and up to 68 in salinas. seven-day forecast, cooler weather tuesday and rain arrives on tuesday night going into wednesday where it is much cooler, only in the mid 50s. we'll dry it out and keep it cool thursday and friday. another chance of rain returns by saturday afternoon going into sunday morning. enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow. >> ama: thank you. shu is here with sports. you are not a huge fan yet. >> i'm getting there. 49ers are winning ugly, i'm not on the kaepernick bandwagon. they have not been as effective with him leading the way. inexperience showing up every week. started this off with a 49er record. he finished with 19 1/2 on the
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season. mistakes killed the dolphins. punted, he casually catches it but steps on goal line. that they struggled. third quarter, t.j. recovers the punt, frank gore and number one td run, most tds in franchise history with 50. first play of the fourth, gore, he had 63 yards. then come the dolphins forcing a goal. watch this amazing one, one-handed grab. niners lead is down to 7. kaepernick had 185 yards but only thrown three touchdowns this season.
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he can run. 50-yard touchdown seals it. they let the dolphins hang around but 49ers got the victories. >> i wish i had a few different decisions. i think we did pretty well. we knew going they were heck of team they would be tough to move the football around. at some point you have to stay patient and toorbg taking some shots. we played winning football. >> niners keeping an eye on the seahawks, this time against the cardinals. lynch went 20 yards, seahawks punting. it takes a few bounces. he walks in and seattle had 38-0 and went on to 58-0. >> falcons taking on the
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panthers. 287 yards, two tds plus he ran for 116 yards including this 72-yard touchdown. it could possibly help the 49ers down the stretch. >> and tee it up, norman has shark shootout. two man teams with alternate shots, scramble format. two-shot lead coming in today. second shot from the par four 7. may birdie the hole. this just misses the birdie putt but o'hare and perry need to tap this one in for the win. >> cal hosting new football coach first half. anthony bennett, that is a monster jam. rebels led at the half. alan crab led the bears with
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three ball. here at air ball. one second to go, you got to box out. he blows a chance and 7. cal falls to 6-2. >> and they needed one goal to tie. he did one better. scoring two and this is victory. an amazing accomplishment. coming up at 11:00, play of the day and sat down with marcel reese. >> ama: thank you, shu. >> a close
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caltrain service delayed after a train hits a car on the tracks in san francisco. we'll have the latest. >> new details on the royal pregnancy. the duchess of cambridge is sidelined again tonight by severe morning sickness. sky fall has sony pictures top movie of all time. it's cleared $918 million worldwide. in the u.s. weekend, it made $11 million and that was enough to beat the other contenders. animated adventure came in second with $10.5 million. new twilight movie slipped to third place after three weeks on place. lincoln came behind in fourth. i saw sky fall and it was amazing. >> you have to see that at the movies. >> there is so much action but i still thing i like
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